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Please select payment based on the number of lines you filled out on the previous form. If you do not complete payment, we will send you a PayPal invoice.
If payment has not been made by the time of engraving, your paver will not be engraved!




Have your personal inscription immortalized forever in an engraved paver surrounding the J.P. Patches & Gertrude “Late for the Interurban” statue in Fremont!

Reserve now to have your Paver engraved with the next batch!

All proceeds will be donated to the Seattle Children’s Hospital in J.P. & Gertrude’s honor, after a small portion is reserved for costs of paver engraving, waxing and maintenance of the “Late for the Interurban” statue.

PLEASE NOTE: For each batch, we must wait to engrave until we have orders for at least 15 pavers, during warm dry weather – hopefully at least once each summer. We will notify you via email when your paver has been engraved and send you a great looking Reservation Certificate with your Paver text on it!