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Ketchikan the Animal Man


Ketchikan’s theme song:

A cross between Marlin Perkins and Dr. Doolittle, Ketchikan the Animal Man was the resident expert on dogs, snakes and Frpls.

One day Bob suggested to Chris that “kids love animals. We’ve got to get animals on the show”. Chris answered “Fine. You’re the new animal man.” So with no zoological experience, Bob became Ketchikan and started bringing dangerous and unpredictable animals onto the set.

Listen to Chris and Bob tell the story of why they made the rule, No More Snakes!

A long running joke got started when J.P. asked the name of a particular animal. Ketchikan answered “Oh, his name’s Fred”. After that every animal that appeared on the show was named Fred.


Ketchikan burst onto the set to the sound of a march (“Our Director” by Frederick Ellsworth Bigelow) which could be started and stopped by tapping the crown of his hat.

Whenever J.P. took a vacation to Clown Town, he left Ketchikan in charge of the show, for better or worse… Bob was notorious for cracking-up laughing on the air. He often laughed so hard he would literally fall down on the floor.