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Miss Smith
From the Miss Smith’s Delivery Service


With a voice like gravel, a motorcycle and a leather jacket nobody referred to Miss Smith as “delicate” but she always got the mail and the christmas presents delivered on time.

Miss Smith, if anything, was a good sport. She was always up for a game of “Was it a hit or a miss?” with J.P. even though she almost always lost (and losing had in-your-face consequences).

As played by Bob Newman, Miss Smith changed her hair style over the years but we never saw her face except in profile and covered with pie.

Well, OK, that’s not entirely true. J.P. was always getting letters from Patches Pals asking about what Miss Smith looked like. He finally announced that Miss Smith’s face would be revealed on a particular day. When that day arrived and Miss Smith turned around to face the camera, it wasn’t Bob Newman, but KIRO-TV personality Sandy Hill (who, to most people, is considerably more attractive than Bob).