Mayor of Pugetopolis?

by Curt Hanks on November 10, 2020

In October of 1980, the J.P. Patches Show held an election for the Mayor of Pugetopolis between J.P. Patches (Turkey Party), currently Mayor of the City Dump, and Boris S. Wort (Dragon Party), currently second meanest man in the world.

Official Clown Ballot

Viewers were encouraged to mail in their votes and, needless to say, J.P. won the election by a landslide! Unfortunately, that meant that he would be leaving his current position as Mayor of the City Dump and moving to his new office as Mayor of Pugetopolis. So, on Nov. 7th, 1980, J.P broadcast his last show from the City Dump set.

Click here to see a segment from J.P.'s last show on the City Dump set. (Despite the date attributed to this video, the following  clip is actually from Nov. 7th, 1980 and is NOT the final episode of the show.)

The following Monday, November 10th, 1980, J.P. Patches would move to his new set at the Mayor's office.

Here are some clips from those first few weeks on the new set:

Tony Guarascio, who worked at KIRO as a floor director (and sometimes set builder!), provided the video below and had this to say about the set, "The set was always a work in progress, and we went on the air with it before the set was even finished. So we made a bit out of it for about a week, with Leroy Frump as the contractor. He was working on the Mayor's office for the first few days."

The REAL reason for the set change, though, was that Eyewitness News moved into Studio A at KIRO where the City Dump set had been, so they had to move into the much smaller studio and there was no room for the large City Dump set.

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